Extreme Waves Conditions at the Entrance of Constanta Port

  • Elena Vlăsceanu
  • Ichinur Omer
  • Dragoș Niculescu
  • Dragoș Marin
  • Răzvan Mateescu
  • Liliana Rusu National Institute for Marine Research and Development “Grigore Antipa”
Keywords: modeling, wave propagations, extreme conditions, return periods, Constanta port


The aim of this study is to obtain the extreme wave propagation at the entrance of Constanta maritime port area, as well as the impacts on port operations. The wave propagation modeling took into account the bathymetry of the harbor in the area of interest, updated port extensions layout, measurements and digitized bathymetric maps. For the selected offshore waves directions, considered for the harbor entrance area, the incident waves of maximum impact and the peak period values corresponding to the extreme heights of the significant wave at different return periods were calculated. For this study it was used a mild-slope wave propagation numerical model. The model provided quantitative evaluation of the vulnerability induced by the wave agitation on the port developing areas and an overview on hydrodynamic conditions which are the basis for various shelter facilities developments in Constanta Harbor, in extreme events circumstances.
How to Cite
Vlăsceanu, E., Omer, I., Niculescu, D., Marin, D., Mateescu, R., & Rusu, L. (2022). Extreme Waves Conditions at the Entrance of Constanta Port. Revista Cercetări Marine - Revue Recherches Marines - Marine Research Journal, 52(1), 36. https://doi.org/10.55268/CM.2022.52.36

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