Wind Data Analysis for NIMRD’s Oceanographic Measurement Point “Estacada Mamaia”

  • Teodor-Mihai Cristescu
  • Gabriel Ganea
  • Adrian Niculescu
  • Luminița Buga
  • Marius Nedelcu
  • Dan Diaconeasa
  • Răzvan Mateescu
  • Dragoș Niculescu National Institute for Marine Research and Development "Grigore Antipa"
Keywords: Black Sea, wind, Gill anemometer, data processing, errors


The authors try to establish the utility and possible use of the wind data from a Gill sensor at the recent installed oceanographic measurement point as well as necessary data processing. The wind speed is analyzed from large datasets (over 26.2 millions of wind vector values for the first year of functioning) trying to estimate the real phenomenon in nature using appropriate mathematical analysis. Synthetic statistical parameters as well as comparisons were done. A deep analysis was applied to important partial sets: distribution type study and harmonic analyze. There is also discussed the type of the data (to be considered onshore or offshore). It makes possible to enhance knowledge on Black Sea shelf specific meteorological conditions. The results are intended as an initial background support for scientists or technicians dealing with Mamaia bay wind data.
How to Cite
Cristescu, T.-M., Ganea, G., Niculescu, A., Buga, L., Nedelcu, M., Diaconeasa, D., Mateescu, R., & Niculescu, D. (2016). Wind Data Analysis for NIMRD’s Oceanographic Measurement Point “Estacada Mamaia”. Revista Cercetări Marine - Revue Recherches Marines - Marine Research Journal, 46(1), 19-30.

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