Western Black Sea Eutrophication Status according to the Black Sea Eutrophication Asessment Tool, BEAST - MISIS Cruise Results

  • Luminița Lazăr
  • Laura Boicenco
  • Colpan Beken
  • Boryana Dzhurova
  • Snejana Moncheva
  • Galina Shtereva
  • Dan Vasiliu National Institute for Marine Research and Development "Grigore Antipa"
Keywords: Black Sea, eutrophication, nutrients, chlorophyll a, BEAST


The paper presents results from the cruise done in the frame of the MISIS project in the Western Black Sea on a sampling network consisted of three transects: Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and one intercalibration station, covering coastal, shelf, and open waters. A core set indicators was chosen for the eutrophication assessment of the Western Black Sea in respect with Descriptor 5 criteria (MSFD) and the intercalibration exercise, grouped as follows: causes of eutrophication - nutrients levels - concentrations of phosphate, and nitrogen oxidised forms in water column; direct effects of eutrophication - chlorophyll a concentrations in water column and indirect effects of eutrophication - bottom water dissolved oxygen content. Based on the data collected in the cruise, on the reference values and acceptable deviations of these parameters (specific for each country) it was tested the integrative tool for eutrophication assessment proposed by the Black Sea Commission through the Baltic2Black project, BEAST (Black Sea Eutrophication ASsessment Tool). Based on the BEAST results the eutrophication status of the Western Black Sea in summer 2013 was High-Good for coastal and open waters and Poor – High for shelf waters. The only one “poor” status responsible for not achieving the Good Ecological Status was the shelf station from Romanian transect where the phosphate and silicate concentrations were highest. Due to no correlation of BEAST with salinity (interpreted as no influence of the river discharge) and in absence of any other quantified anthropogenic influences it is to note that the poor eutrophication status was mainly influenced by the currents and winds regime and the water mixing phaenomena
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Lazăr, L., Boicenco, L., Beken, C., Dzhurova, B., Moncheva, S., Shtereva, G., & Vasiliu, D. (2016). Western Black Sea Eutrophication Status according to the Black Sea Eutrophication Asessment Tool, BEAST - MISIS Cruise Results. Revista Cercetări Marine - Revue Recherches Marines - Marine Research Journal, 46(1), 48-60. https://doi.org/10.55268/CM.2016.46.48

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