Observations on Bycatch Rate for Vulnerable Fish Species on the Romanian Coast


  • Mădălina Galațchi
  • George Țiganov
  • Cristian-Sorin Danilov
  • Cătălin-Valentin Păun
  • Marina Panayotova National Institute for Marine Research and Development “Grigore Antipa”




vulnerable species, by-catch, fishing gear


Living marine resources obviously contribute to the survival of humanity. Unfortunately, numerous studies highlighted that marine biological diversity faces various threats related to overfishing and illegal fishing, pollution (marine and terrestrial), invasive species, marine litter and climate change. In this context, the incidental catch of vulnerable species (i.e., elasmobranchs, marine mammals, seabirds) is considered one of the main threats to good environmental condition of the marine fauna. The aim of the study conducted in 2020, was to highlight the impact of fishing activities on aquatic resources, especially on vulnerable fish species as picked dogfish Squalus acanthias), thornback ray (Raja clavata) and common stingray (Dasyatis pastinaca), marine mammals and seabirds. The background information was collected by observations from scientific trawl surveys by pelagic and demersal trawl gears, observations from stationary fishing points, observations from commercial beam-trawl fishing operations. The analysis of logbooks of several economic operators and data collected by observers on board vessels, highlighted the low bycatch rate for vulnerable species in most fishing gear.




How to Cite

Galațchi, M., Țiganov, G., Danilov, C.-S., Păun, C.-V., & Panayotova, M. (2021). Observations on Bycatch Rate for Vulnerable Fish Species on the Romanian Coast. Cercetări Marine - Recherches Marines, 51(1), 129–139. https://doi.org/10.55268/CM.2021.51.129

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