Current Status of the Benthic Communities in the Romanian Black Sea Waters


  • Oana Marin
  • Valeria Abaza
  • Adrian Filimon
  • Camelia Dumitrache National Institute for Marine Research and Development "Grigore Antipa"



phytobenthic communities, benthic invertebrates, marine habitats, assessment method, Ecological Index (EI), M-AMBI*(n)


The paper aims to present the latest information regarding the state of the benthic communities in the Romanian Black Sea waters, with reference to the ecological status of marine habitats. The paper presents information both on perennial, sensitive macroalgae species with key ecological role for the marine environment and and also for the opportunistic ones. The samples required for the assessment were collected from stations located along the entire Romanian Black Sea coast (from Portita to Vama Veche). Also the paper presents the assessment of the benthic invertebrate fauna and phytobenthic communities status from coastal water bodies based on the elaborated methods for assessing the GES in accordance with MSFD requirements.




How to Cite

Marin, O., Abaza, V., Filimon, A., & Dumitrache, C. (2018). Current Status of the Benthic Communities in the Romanian Black Sea Waters. Revista Cercetări Marine - Revue Recherches Marines - Marine Research Journal, 48(1), 135–144.

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